Remember Remember 9th of November

Ultima Online Free Shard MPOGTOP

Remember Remember the 9th of November! Ok now that we have your attention we are proud to announce we will be going live! And what better day than rebellion’s day, the day of new awakening, the 9th of November! Yes just 5 short weeks away Phoenix will be officially live on 11/09/2023.

To mark this historic event we thought it should be no less fitting than to reward all players who join us with a one of a kind thank you! So we created a brand new Guy Fawkes wearable mask, that has no durability (never breaks) and is one of the few blessed items we will ever have. Yes you heard that right we created an entirely new item never used before on any UO, and this item will never be given again, this is our special thank you to all players who join us on our official launch date!

All players (including beta testers) who create their account by the end of launch day will receive one mask per account the following day, hold on to these launch day masks, as we said they will never be able to be obtained again! Don’t forget all accounts created before launch day that have 10 hours of play time will also receive a skill and stat ball as a thank you from the Phoenix team, these rare items will also be available for purchase for a limited time of 7 days after launch day. We will bring these back for special occasions in the future for a donation reward, but for now they will only be available for the launch week of our server!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our staff via email or discord and continue to have fun with the rest of Beta testing, we look forward to seeing you all on launch day for special events held by staff as well that day!