What era is UO Phoenix?

T2A/Renaissance based rule set

Are there newer UO features on UO Phoenix?

Yes we have incorporated some of the newer systems and features of UO to work with our rule set, without losing the feel of the era we are based in.

Are there custom things on UO Phoenix?

Yes we have created some new features to collaborate with the lore of UO that we feel would have been added had the direction not changed. We have worked tirelessly to ensure these custom features and systems do not cause an imbalance for any one play style or pull away from the nostalgia and excitement of the era we are based in.

Is UO Phoenix era accurate?

Yes and no, the rule set and over all feel and gameplay are accurate to the T2A/Renaissance era (pre-AOS, pre-Tram, and Item based systems). No because we have envisioned where the creators of UO would have lead to eventually had the direction and decision makers not changed, and also because we have taken some of the good ideas from UO future releases and incorporated them as well for quality of life upgrades and new content for players to stay excited for.

Is UO Phoenix a Hybrid UO clone?

Absolutely not! The developers and staff have never worked for or been affiliated with the Hybrid server or staff, and none of the staff from Hybrid are staff on UO Phoenix. UO Phoenix is similar to Hybrid in many ways but with a better and more exciting twist not found on any other server.

Will UO Phoenix suffer the same issues as Hybrid?

Again absolutely not, staff corruption or player interference of any way is unacceptable in any way. UO Phoenix staff will not influence the server in any way nor will they give any players any sort of advantage (including their own players). This is a top priority of staff at all times, also UO Phoenix staff is not disconnected from our community and will not be shutting down. UO Phoenix staff are required to also play the server and interact as a player and staff member so that the development and direction of the server stays true to the player base.

Will UO Phoenix implement Trammel or any features like Trammel?

No, in short all of our staff and player base is geared toward the excitement of the risk and reward system and keeping the game as realistic as possible being a fantasy based game. This is the heart of our development and always the first question addressed by the development team to ensure we stay true to the risk and reward system.

Will UO Phoenix stop adding new content or updating the server?

No we will continue to innovate and incorporate features of UO and new content for players to stay entertained with. UO Phoenix staff has a list of future expansions already being worked on and will continue to plan more for players to stay excited about without losing the feel of the game we all love. UO Phoenix development team has countless hours already into perfecting this server and has no plan of stopping or slowing down in the future.

How many accounts can I have on UO Phoenix?

There is a limit of two accounts per household, unless there are multiple players in the same household. This will be verified by staff and taken on a case by case basis at the discretion of staff to ensure those with multiple players in a household have the same advantage of everyone else.

How many houses can I have per account on UO Phoenix?

There will be a limit of one house per account, and houses must be refreshed on a weekly basis to remain standing. If there is a need for this to change it will be taken case by case at the discretion of staff.

Is UO Phoenix pay to win?

Again this is a big NO! UO Phoenix staff all feel everyone needs to have fair and unbiased game play for the server to succeed. UO Phoenix does accept donations and give thank you gifts in return to player who help keep the server up and running, but any items received from donation can be obtained by other methods with out donating. Also no items received from donating will affect game play directly or give any advantage that a normal player can not replicate.