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Guilds are a game mechanic that facilitates group activities. There are also NPC guilds that allow characters who join them to engage in special activities and purchase special items. However, when most individuals are discussing guilds, they are referring player guilds. Player guilds offer their members several game enhancements, such as Guild Chat, Alliance Chat and special Guilded status rules.

If you are new to Ultima Online, it is highly recommended to find a guild to join - Guild chat allows you to speak with other members no matter where you are, meaning you can request tips or help should you require it. As a general rule it is best for beginning players to join a large, well established guild - reputation is important, as some level of risk is involved in becoming Guilded.

Guild Creation

There are three requirements to creating a guild in Ultima Online:

  1. Have an Active Account
  2. Have 25,000 gold for the registration fee
  3. Not already be in a guild with the character that is making said guild

Having met the requirements, in the Classic Client and Phoenix Client, click the guild button on your paperdoll. Enter a guild name into the Guild Name box. Then select a guild abbreviation for your new guild (ex. Guild name of The New Age; TNA). There are several restrictions for guild names.

Guild names cannot contain numbers or special characters; only alphabetic letters are allowed. Guild names are case sensitive and appear in-game exactly as entered. You will not be able to correct or change this information once you hit the OK button. The name must be 20 characters or less in length. Guild names must follow UO general naming guidelines.

After clicking the OK button, your new guild will be created and registered with the UO Phoenix server, as well as with the Guild Index ( Now comes the fun parts.

Ranks & Permissions

A guild has 5 ranks within it:

  1. Guild Leader -- The head of the guild. There is only one Guild Leader.
  2. Warlord -- The guild's war masters.
  3. Emissary -- The recruiters for the guild.
  4. Member -- Regular voting members.
  5. Ronin -- Guild mercenaries who can only participate in wars.

Permission Guild Leader Warlord Emissary Member Ronin
Invite Player to Guild X -- X -- --
Remove Ronin X X X -- --
Remove Member X -- X -- --
Remove Any X -- -- -- --
Promote X -- X -- --
Demote X -- X -- --
Access Guild-Level House Items X X X X --
Request/Accept Alliance X -- -- -- --
Control War Status X X -- -- --
Set Guild Title X -- X -- --
Vote for Guild Leader X X X X --

: When a guild has no active voting members (characters that have logged in within the last 30 days; Guild Leader, Warlords, Emissaries or Members) and only has active non-voting members (Ronins), a special election will be held which will promote the guild member (Ronin) that was most recently active to become the guild master. If the system is unable to identify the most recently active member, it will randomly select an active guild member (Ronin) to promote. This special election ONLY occurs when there are no active voting guild members.

Managing Your Guild

Now that you have a guild you can begin to add people.


Enter the guild menu from your paperdoll and click the "guild roster" tab on the top of the window. The click the "invite player" button on the bottom of the roster window. Crosshairs will appear, meaning that you must select who you wish to add into your guild. The character you select must have ignore guild invites off as well as not be in a guild already. If they accept they will be added into the guild.

Member Status

Once a character is in the guild they will automatically start out as a "Ronin". This is the lowest rank in a guild. If you click the blue jewel next to a member's name it will open an options menu allowing you to set their guild title as well as promote or demote the characters as you wish. Members are above the ronin level and emmissaries are above members. Emmissary status grants that character to add to the guild. Above Emmissary is Warlord. Warlords can be sworn into office of Guild Leader if Elected by at least 51% of the members.

Veteran Guild Members

A guild member can become a Veteran Guild Member by using all of their available skill points on a single character and by having no less than a member ranking in a guild. Example: If a guilded character has 715 available skill points, all of those skill points have to be put towards something. In other words, the character has no usable skill points left to allocate to anything else (6 skills at 100 and the last at 115).

Keeping Your Guild In Shape

The following are a list of suggestion for new guild leaders. Not all guilds function in the same manner, so please regard the list in the light in which it is offered, as mere suggestions:

  • Even if your guild is primarily a Player vs Monster (PvM) guild, in the lands of Felucca you should have some sort of training in the arts of Player vs Player (PvP).
  • You should be able to provide your guild with armor and weapons as well as spellbooks, mounts, runebooks, etc.
  • Specify and locate a central guild house to provide for meetings etc.
  • Plan hunts to strengthen your guild.
  • Come up with ways to make your guild interesting, make it stand out above the rest. Or keep it simple and small if you prefer a smaller guild.
  • Teach and educate your guild on different parts of Sosaria so that they will not seem lost when you go on a big game hunt or on what skills to choose.
  • Offer a mentorship type program to help out the newer characters in your guild.
  • Leave no one behind.


  • This is not a page for a listing of guilds.