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1 referral per new account (2 accounts per IP) that does not share an IP with another account. This means each new player coming to the server can give two referrals to either two different accounts or to the same account resulting in 2 rewards total.

For a referral to be valid both accounts (the giving and receiving) have accumulate 48 hours in game time, the account has to be at least 7 days old, and been active within the last 7 days and not share the same IP address with the account giving the referral.

Once these objectives have been met upon the next log in the account receiving the referral will receive a gift box that contains a check for 12,500 gold and referral ticket to choose their gift. The list of referral gifts can be found below, referral tickets can only be used by the character who received the gift box although referral rewards can be traded. Referral rewards can only be obtained through the referral system as these are a special thank you for bringing new players to the server.

All referral equipment items are blessed and show the current amount of referrals the player have contributed to the server. All referral decorations items have an effect or usable utility past cosmetic purposes. Referral tickets are also blessed and while they may be traded they are NOT usable by any character other than the character who received the ticket.