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Primary Ruleset

  • UO:R era with the development priority being that it feels fully era accurate, but expanded to include many custom QoL improvements, dungeons, creatures, events, quests, minigames, collectables, tamables, and artifact level items made into UOR compatible versions.
  • 225 stat cap (up to 250 with champ scrolls), 700 skill cap (up to 720 with champ scrolls).
  • Individual stats cap at 125 each: allowing for example 90 Str 125 Dex 10 Int
  • Classic faction system, guard zones, stealing mechanics (LoS of NPCs), and notoriety rules.
  • Maximum of two accounts per IP

Misc FAQ

  • There is no recall in dungeons which have highly contestable spawns or quests such as Champs or the Blighted Grove questline, but you may recall into and out of dungeons that do not have special mechanics tied in.
  • There is no recall within T2A.
  • Stat gain does not benefit from see-saw method, and skill gain does not benefit from 8 by 8 method. But you can access powerhour by typing [powerhour in game for additional skill gain chance.
  • Stat loss exists if you resurrect as a PK who has more than 5 short-term counts. Each short-term count requires 8 hours of gameplay to decay. You can check this in-game prior to ress with 'I must consider my sins'.
  • There is no insta-hit on re-equip of a weapon (AKA T2A wep swap that popularized Tank Mage play).
  • Wands exist and are useful in a chase scenario, but have a short recharge timer.
  • Explosion potions do not heat seek (You must time throwing it)
  • There are fire beetles, cu sidhe, hiryu, and Greater Dragons as tamables. They have been minorly adjusted from their AOS variants to be a healthy balance within UOR.
  • The strongest PvM pets often require power scrolls to control and take all 5 control slots
  • There are special wood types such as Bloodwood, Frostwood, et al.
  • There are OSI world rares and some staff added custom ones hidden throughout the world.
  • Most hued clothing and rare cloth colors come from special events, rare drops, and BoDs.
  • Winning weekly events, being online for a special hand out day, referring friends, or participating in server events all have unique or rare rewards associated with them. (e.g. Staff sometimes design a unique clothing piece tied to a challenge like the Chess Grandmaster jester tunic, only obtainable by defeating Draconis in chess).