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Event Quest

In Yew a traveler is seeking adventurers to help collect a rare new sweet smelling plant that only grows in the month of March, it is told he greatly rewards those dedicated adventures who graciously spend their to help him collect shamrocks.The Clover Picker Quest

Crystalline Quest

In NuJel'm crystal mines a worker is looking for help and is told to give rewards those who help those who take the time to help.

Phoenix Quest

In Serpents Hold a traveler is told to be looking for help with phoenix creatures and rewards adventures who help with collecting what is needed.

The Hag's Assistant

The Hag can be found in some ruins South of Yew and West of Britain. She has various errands for those who encounter her, some requiring a small amount of combat ability. The Hag's Assistant Quest

Pads of the Cu Sidhe Quest

On the South Western Peninsula of Yew, sits Ansella Gryen. Who needs help protecting her fields from an intrusion in which she promises to reward you for.