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Fast Track Guide to Taming


For PvM and farming, the tamer build is considered the most powerful in the game. Taming, however, has a reputation for being tedious and lengthy. But with the right strategies, you can achieve GM taming and lore in under three days with assistance, or in a couple of weeks if you play actively or passively.


The base template for a tamer includes animal taming, animal lore, veterinary, magery, and meditation. The final two skills can vary depending on your character's intended use.

Starting Out

Begin with 50 taming, followed by magery as the second skill. Ensure your character's stats are 90-100 strength, 25-40 dexterity, and 90-100 intelligence.

Taming Theory

Focus on taming creatures just above your real skill level, but below your displayed skill level, for optimal skill gains. Utilize "pre-tames" to increase skill gains. Each previous owner of a pet adds +10.0 difficulty to its taming skill requirement: this added difficulty maximizes taming attempts as you gain on the fails to speed up skill development.

What to Tame?

Different skill ranges correspond to different creatures. Use macros to efficiently tame specific creatures for optimal skill gains.

  • 50.0 - 65.1: Dagger Isle (The ice island where Deceit is located)
  • 50 - 53.1: Polar Bears and Walrus
  • 53.1 - 65.1: Snow Leopards
  • 65.1 - 71.1: White Wolves
  • 71.1 - 85.5: Jhelom Bulls
  • 85.5 - 95.1: Hythloth (Hell Hounds)
  • 95.1 - 115: Unicorns or Ki-rin

Jhelom Retaming

Collaborate with other tamers to maximize skill gains by cycling through re-taming process.


Solo or team up to tame Hell Hounds in Hythloth for advanced skill gains.

Unicorns and Ki-rins

These are found in the South East corner of the T2A map near Khaldun. If you have positive karma, they will not attack you and you can macro them easily. Lead the tamed ones into Khaldun or the nearby champ spawn and tell them to 'All Stay' near an enemy monster if you do not wish to lose karma by killing them yourself. Note: Only female characters can tame Unicorns, and only male characters can tame Ki-rin.